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Proposed Redistricting Maps

One Proposed Set of Redistricting Maps

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These maps were developed by Liz Gatley and Matt Rexroad from Meridian Pacific inc.

5/18/11 - from Liz Gatley
Attached is the new congress map we would rather present.
I also have written down some of my thoughts for what I was thinking of saying.
This is just my 1st draft but here it is Take from it what you want to say or not:

We would like to keep Sonoma county whole if possible and connect north to Mendocino county etc. Sonoma county is a rural / suburban farming community. With agriculture, dairy farming, wineries, fisheries etc. Although they consider Sonoma county a part of the bay area, we really are vastly different than most of the bay area. For years we have always had a congressional district that connects us with Marin county. Really we are nothing like Marin county. The dairy farmers feel unrepresented because what happens is that Marin gets representation for a more metropolitan type city and the farmers and others in the rural communities do not get any kind of representation.
Those of us that do live here in Sonoma county would like to be connected with like communities. So we ask that you please keep in mind we are a different community than Marin or San Francisco or even Oakland. Please do not connect us with a part of San Francisco and Marin County.

Keeping the number of 702,905 with a deviation of 1 person in mind it was not an easy task to draw a map. I know Marin county does not have the numbers needed to stand on it’s own, but we really believe they fit in more with San Francisco or the east bay and not north to Sonoma county. So if there is any way to connect them with the east or south we feel that would be best.

Also something to keep in mind, the 101 and Russian river are not dividing lines, people do cross over them daily. Also the 101 is a main connector for all of Sonoma and Mendocino counties both east and west.
In creating these maps I realized what a hard job you have as a commission. It was very hard to fit into the numbers required and follow the voting rights act, but I think we did a fairly good with that. I do hope these maps help you in creating like community districts, because I think that is what is most important. Listen to what the people have to say and make districts of like communities. Do not connect rural suburban farming communities with metropolitan cities. It is ultimately unfair to the rural community as the metropolitan community would control the vote.

Hope this helps some of you.  They will ask for community of interests and that is stuff such as economic interests, agriculture, school districts, water sheds, cultural etc. We have farming and wineries here in sonoma county and fishing and all of that is vastly different than marin or SF. We can't let them connect sonoma county with a part of SF!!! so that is my main talking point trying to stress that. The old district 6 Lynn W district only has 600,000 voting population so it is short of the 702,000 number, we can't let them attach part of SF to make up the # difference.

Looking forward to Friday's hearing I will be there all day for the business meeting they are having as well. But if you can't make that I do suggest you arrive no later than 5:30pm as we expect a packed house!! with a bus load from Napa coming and a lot of people from Marin and Sonoma and Mendocino. When you arrive you will get a # and that is the order in which we get to speak.