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   4/18/11  CRC hearing Sunday, April 10, 2011 by David Salaverry

Today's hearing in Marysville went better than yesterdays in Redding. Local conservatives made a strong
showing with coherent, forceful arguments for local issues of great importance well as for the larger
issue of north‐west districts.
About 50 Tea Party members, Republican central committee members, Republican Federated Women
members, and other grassroots conservatives spoke to the important local issue of keeping Sutter
County and Yuba County together with Butte County and adding Colusa and Glenn counties to form an
assembly district. They also spoke forcefully to the issue of keeping larger California state Senate and
U.S. Congress districts on north‐south rather than on an east‐west basis.
Of the 40 people who spoke over 95% were conservatives who wanted north‐south districts and
wanted to keep conservative counties together. A 3 person minority of two Democrat elected officials
and one citizen spoke against the Sutter/Yuba community of interest (COI) in favor of a Yuba/Nevada
County COI that would absorb smaller, conservative Yuba County into the larger more liberal Nevada
But the elected auditor of Sutter County spoke for the Yuba/Sutter COI and when conservatives
demonstrated the many linkages between Yuba and Sutter County the minority idea disintigrated. Yuba
and Sutter share mental health facilities, a community college, a Cancer Center, a Chamber of
Commerce and scores of civic and social clubs including the Red Cross, the Girl Scouts, etc.
When the population of just Sutter and Yuba counties are added a political district cannot be formed.
However, adding larger Butte County to the north and reaching across Interstate 5 to Colusa and
Glrenn creates a total population of over 430,000 almost enough for an assembly district.
Many of the conservatives who attended have been organized by Erin Ryan of the Redding Tea Party
who forwarded the CCRC draft PowerPoint to Yuba and Sutter conservatives. The CCRC PowerPoint
helped galvanize conservatives to attend.
Yuba and Sutter conservatives spoke about ethnic populations who, in their estimation, had not been
properly informed of the input hearing. A large Latino community was not represented. A large Hmong
community likewise did not attend. The local Sikh community which only a few weeks prior had brought
over 100,000 ethnic Sikhs to a Northern California cultural festival also did not attend. The
commissioners were perplexed and disappointed. They asked the audience please reach out to these
communities so that they could weigh in at the next scheduled Region Nine hearing in in Auburn and
also by e‐mail, postal mail and on the commission website.
I spoke to a Republican consultant during the break. He opined that there had been an organized effort
by Democrats and liberals to dominate the Redding hearing with the idea of an East‐West district. A
former San Francisco ACLU board member spoke, as well as many CA state workers. When a
conservative was booed saying that Senators Boxer and Feinstein were not liked in Redding, two thirds
of the Redding attendees booed. As voting data for Redding shows it is quite conservative, the boos
indicated the room was stacked. The future belongs to those who show up.
Before the hearing began, your blogger spoke at length with Commissioner Vincent Baraba. Vince joined
the Ronald Reagan for Governor campaign early and worked census data to help the Reagan
gubernatorial campaign focus on small segments of California voters. Vince then moved on to the U.S.
Census in 1980and later turned that experience into a successful private business. We had a very
pleasant conversation. Vince is a real gentleman.

Below is a link to a critical Marin redistricting article.  I am working hard to break the Pelosi gerrymander of SF to Marin, which keeps North Bay counties in the grip of the SF Democrat machine by also disenfranchising more conservative ethnic voters in the SF Sunset district.  I'm working on a Maptitude map that keeps SF contiguous and allows Marin freedom, and is a Bay Area wide fair plan.

In the article above, the pundit (I know zero about who he is) speaks of a Trojan Horse.  This is DEFINITELY what's going on.  Local progressive politicians are working subrosa with "community groups" to get them to carry gerrymanders to the commission as ethnically special areas, either through the simpler Community of Interest language I explain in my PowerPoint or if that doesn't fly probably by a more complex Voting Rights Act legal challenge.  It happened in Redding last week, I was there, I saw it.  It will start being evident all over the state soon.

If Marin GOP hasn't already formed a redistricting committee you should get this going FAST.  I hope to be appointed the Alameda GOP Redistricting chair next Tues and want to work with all Bay Area Republicans on a region wide plan that supports the new Prop 20 amendment by creating 100% FAIR, STRUCTURALLY DESIGNED DISTRICTS.  That way, Bay Area conservatives will have a new fighting chance.

Note: Attached PP has "Tea Party" feel, the meat and potatoes slides are most important.  See my draft blog post for what happened in Redding any my letter to the commission against an East-West district that could blow McClintock, LaMalfa and Gaines away.  First local input hearing Sonoma, May 20.  Get ready, be there!

David Salaverry
(510) 559-0716
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