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Sovereignty and National Security

Sovereignty and National Security
   8/25/11  China wants its own city in Idaho  Rapid News Network
   5/25/11  Leashing the surveillance state: how to reform Patriot Act surveillance authorities
   5/12/11  Secession: an answer to the sovereign debt crisis
                    Get ready as secession is coming soon to a failed union near you. Over the weekend, the news has been full of reports about                                Scotland getting ready to vote on independence from the United Kingdom after the election victory by the Scottish National Party.
                   The UK has stated it will abide by the coming referendum but we fear the Bank of England, their central bank will not be so
   5/2/11    US Federal Reserve's United Federation of North America note ready for circulation
                    The United States Federal Reserve bankers are already prepared for a hostile merger of Canada with the United States with the aid                        of Stephen Harper.
   4/26/11   Is America in decline? by John Bolton
                  Fulminating about America in decline is fashionable today across the political spectrum. Contemporary political commentators are                          seemingly rewarded for drawing the broadest possible conclusions from an ever-narrower range of data. Whatever the reason for the                   commentators' grandiose predictions of decline, their conclusions du jour, they are describing what can and should be understood                          simply as a unique civilization's momentary indigestion. .....
   3/15/11  The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty