Sources for Agenda 21 and Property Rights Research

Agenda 21 and Property Rights
Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit v.2
Educational curriculum being implemented in our schools to condition youth to accept global governance

ICLEI Obama Smoking Gun
"Empowering local government climate action: Blueprint for President Obama and 111th Congress"

Sources for Agenda 21 and Property Rights Research

Compiled by Bob White

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Taking Liberty Video

Excellent introduction  - click each segment - then go to regional maps


Dr Michael Coffman, Bangor MN

Environmental Perspectives, Inc.

      Sustainable Development


Henry Lamb   Freedom 21 – and other notable private property advocates , TN

Freedom 21's alternative to Agenda 21 – Excellent Document!!


Tom DeWeese


American Stewards of Liberty Coordination


Freedom Advocates – Agenda 21


The Delphi Technique – used for visioning in planning meetings: how to defeat it

                    Defeating the Delphi Technique p.1

                    Defeating the Delphi Technique p 2

                    Another look at the Delphi Technique

Who is pushing this agenda? A few of the many


ICLEI, Local Governments for Sustainability,

             This is the official United Nations group to implement Agenda 21 to local government


Alliance for Walking and Biking:


Complete Streets


California Wildlands Grassroots Fund


The Tides Foundation (George Soros)


Videos and Books


Miami Dade Department of Environmental Resources Mgmnt – in sequenced order


Green Gone Wild, Elevating Nature above Human Rights


Smart Growth in Richland County, South Carolina


Overview of Agenda 21, Sustainability

The Mystery of Capital, Hernando De Soto – ISBN-13:  978-0-465-01615-0