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Property & Economic Rights

Property and Economic Rights
   10/5/11   Petty dictators abound in the regional government and transportation agencies of CA
   9/6/11     Agenda 21 vs the Constitution
   9/5/11     Free mass transit for everyone  Bay of Rage blog
                        A real eye-opener. Folks like this author are who the MTC, ABAG and One Bay Area consider to be their "equity" audience, the                            audience that shows up at their meetings demanding services.  These folks get invited to sit at the table to plan our future, to plan                            how our tax money will be taken to pay for public transit.
   9/5/11     UN's Agenda 21 equals organized "snitching"  Canada Free Press
   9/5/11     Smart Meters - the new silent killer
   9/5/11     How dense: Tea Party rages over smart growth   (guess we struck a nerve...)
   9/5/11     Fact, not emotions, are what has angered Novato  Novato Patch
   9/5/11     High density housing reflects dense government thinking
   9/5/11     Agenda 21, sustainable living, mass transit and the nanny state  Canada Free Press
   9/5/11     How to fight back against sustainable development  Tom DeWeese
   9/5/11      ICLEI: The evil is always hard to see
   8/29/11    Agenda 21/ICLEI - Changing the conversation  Nancy Coppock
                     It’s About Liberty vs.  The Communism of the “New World Order”
   8/25/11    Central planners target your cars Patriot Update
                Landmark decision rules against mandatory SmartMeters Maine Corporate Lawyers
                   How to fight back against sustainable development American Policy Center
   8/16/11     Your Hometown and the United Nations Agenda 21
   7/10/11    Two Faces of Sustainability by Henry Lamb
   7/10/11    What happened to Freedom by Henry Lamb
   5/15/11   Globalcrats aim to lower your standard of living
                    What is so important to the United Nations that its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon repeated it seven times in a half-page letter to a                        UN bureaucracy?   Climate Change!
   5/12/11   UN earth dogma abuses children
                    Have you wondered why your children lecture you about the environment and where they get their misinformation? The answer is                        critical to fulfilling your parental responsibility to rightly educate your children and to protect them from a cruel scheme.                                           You need look no further than the United Nations as the source of fanatic environmental views using labels like "sustainable                                    development" and "global warming/climate change" in treaties and action plans that trickle down into every classroom and into every                     level of government — national, state and local.
   5/10/11   Green Climate Fund fundamentally transforms the global economy
                    The design of a new $100 billion a year Green Climate Fund (GCF) to "enable developing [poor] countries to address
                    climate change" is a facet of last December's Cancun Agreement of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC),
                    a treaty signed by  President George H.W. Bush and ratified by the U.S. Senate in 1992. ...
   5/10/11   How to fight back against sustainable development
                    For the past fifteen years my efforts against Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development have been single-minded – get the message                        out to tell people about what it is and why it is dangerous to our way of life. All of our materials, special reports, hand outs, speeches,                     radio and television interviews and DVDs have been created for that purpose.....

                    However, we have had so much success over the past year in getting that message out that we are now faced with a new problem.                        People are getting the message. They know what the problem is. So they are asking the next logical question – how do we fight                            back? It sounds like and easy question to be put to someone like me who has worked on the issue and sounded the alarm for so                            long. But in fact, actually having success in organizing people to fight Sustainable Development in their local communities is a very                        new thing.

   4/29/11   How sacred is your property
   4/26/11   State Department wants to make it harder to get a passport
                   New passport rules will keep you grounded (forever) -- Don't believe me? Check out the proposed new passport requirements:                               "Form DS-5513 asks for all addresses since birth; lifetime employment history including employers’ and supervisors names,                                   addresses, and telephone numbers; personal details of all siblings; mother’s address one year prior to your birth; any 'religious                               ceremony' around the time of birth; and a variety of other information," reports Consumer Traveler, which adds that only "some"                               citizens will have to fill out the questionnaire. .......
   4/24/11   UN's Agenda 21 is in your community
                    Anyone who reads Chapter 7 of Agenda 21 and then reads his local comprehensive land-use plan will immediately recognize that                        most of the provisions of the local land-use plan come directly from Agenda 21. More often than not, the elected officials who adopt                        these plans have never read Agenda 21, and many have never even heard of the U.N. document, signed by President George H.W.                     Bush in 1992......
   4/24/11  The UN and one world worship
                    Bolivia's president Morales, having achieved the establishment of pantheism as his country's official religion, has taken                      his religious agenda to the UN, which has acceded to his wishes by establishing April 22 as Mother Earth Day, thus                              establishing the worship of the goddess Pachamama (known as Gaia in other circles)....
   4/18/11  Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit
                    educational curriculum being implemented in our schools to condition youth to accept global governance
   4/18/11  Empowering local government climate action: blueprint for President Obama and 111th Congress
                    includes pages listing Sonoma County and projects laid out by ICLEI for federal funding
   4/2/11    Cultivating the new world order
   3/28/11  Kick ICLEI out - a blueprint from Spokane
   3/24/11  CA Attorney General declares herself in charge of zoning and permits in EVERY county