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Preparedness and Survival

Preparedness and Survival
   5/4/11  Be Prepared , Not Scared - Economic Survival
As the world seems to be getting crazier with each passing day, we're getting hammered with requests to offer more preparedness solutions.

So in this email, I'm sharing a collection of tips that can mean a world of difference in any kind of emergency scenario: Natural disasters, nuclear accident, social unrest, collapse of the dollar, etc.

Tip #1: The very best item for light + defense
People who know me also know that I always carry a flashlight. It's clipped into my pocket all the time so that I'm never without a source of light. But this particular flashlight, which I'm about to reveal here, is also a physical defense item because it has a "crusher" metal rim that can be used to beat back an attacker, if needed. The light is solidly built and runs on a CR123A battery (commonly available).

It's an LED light, so the bulb is virtually breakable. It's also super bright, putting out an astonishing 200 lumens of light. And yet, it's small enough to carry in your pocket 24/7. I've carried mine through South America, Central America and North America. It has never failed and has stood the test of time. The construction and engineering are superb.

What flashlight is it? It's the E2D LED Defender from Surefire. It's available on Amazon and many camping websites. It's expensive, but you only have to buy it once. It's rugged and reliable. I recommend this as my No. 1 "preparedness" flashlight. Here's the Amazon link:

Be sure to stock up on CR123A batteries, too. sells a pack of Tenergy CR123A batteries that cost less than a buck each. Yeah, that's major savings, because the same batteries can cost $4 - $5 if you buy them at retail stores. Here's the link:

Tip #2: The five best practical skills to master right now
What are the top skills for preparedness and survival? After reviewing numerous books on preparedness and survival, I've come to the conclusion that the top five skills to master are:

1) Foraging. How to find food in the wild, or turn weeds into a meal. (There's food all around you!)

2) Welding. Let's you repair and build all sorts of important things.

3) Sewing and clothing repair. Shoe repair is also extremely valuable.

4) Barter. Crucial skill set for getting by when the dollar is long gone.

5) Food storage. Do you know how to store the products from your own garden? Canning, drying, salting and freezing...

Each of these skills is not only valuable to you and your family, but also valuable in trade with others. Lots of people will need their shoes repaired, for example. But very few people know how to repair shoes... (in our throwaway society, we just buy a new pair!)

Tip #3: What's the No. 1 source for emergency vitamins and live foods? Sprouts!
Yes, if you have sprout seeds and water, you can literally "grow" your own live food vitamins, even without sunlight or soil! That's why I think every preparedness list should include a seed sprouter and a collection of sprouting seeds.

We offer the Easy Green Sprouter at the Natural News store ( You can also find it at Amazon and other retailers. BTW, you can also sprout seeds using nothing more than a glass jar and a sprouting lid, if you want to do it on a small scale. You don't really need fancy equipment to sprout seeds, unless you're trying to do it on a larger scale.

Tip #4: Get your "Economic Survival" squared away
Are you ready for the coming collapse of the dollar? In this three-hour audio series, I join Robert Scott Bell in providing the strategies and tips you need to economically insulate yourself from what I call "the coming economic storm."

This three-hour course includes a downloadable PDF action document and a PowerPoint presentation to go along with the audio. Recorded LIVE on March 20th, and available now with instant access through (click here).

Tip #5: Storable superfoods
The typical storable foods (MREs and camping foods) are loaded with junk ingredients and chemical additives. Most are made with textured soy protein (yuck). I'm not sure I could even live on that stuff.

How do you get actual superfood nutrition in a long-term storable format? To answer that question, I created where we pack long-term storable superfoods and organic foods so that you have some serious nutrition on the shelf in case there's an emergency situation.

We haven't even announced this on the website yet, and we've already sold out of the storable chlorella (for at least a month). But we do have storable spirulina and other superfoods available right now, and yes, this is the American-grown spirulina from Hawaii. It's packed in #10 cans (that's a number-ten can, not a ten-pound can, just FYI) that are mouse-proof.

Inside the cans, we use a BPA-free bag that insulates the spirulina from the enamel liner of the steel can. So your superfood never touches the can lining.

The shelf life is 8+ years if kept cool. That's almost a decade with some superfood nutrition on the shelf that you can turn to in a crisis.

Find our storable spirulina and other long-term storable superfoods by clicking here.

BTW, even though we're sold out of regular chlorella, we do have herb-infused chlorella tablets packed into two #10 cans. This collection features a total of 10,000 chlorella tablets infused with various herbs (Ginkgo, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Tribulus, etc.) in two sealed steel cans. This is a unique collection that has never been offered anywhere else, especially not in a long-term storable format. Click here for details.

Also: Coming soon...
We have a new food security preparedness seminar coming out soon, featuring myself (Health Ranger) and Robert Scott Bell. In addition, we've filmed Daniel Vitalis in a "Surthrival" course that teaches all sorts of practical, real-world skills and items that can help you through any challenging scenario. That's coming soon to, the new how-to video empowerment platform.

Watch for those courses in the weeks ahead. In the mean time, we'll keep posting news and stories on that cover Fukushima, the collapsing U.S. dollar, GMOs, the food supply, the radical weather events and much more.

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