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   9/15/11  Heartland Institute September 2011 Newsletter: Republicans Push for Medicaid Reform as Senate Dems Resist
   5/25/11  Bad medicine: a guide to the real costs and consequences of the new health care law
                        It has been a year since President Obama's health care reform bill was signed into law. The Patient Protection and
                        Affordable Care Act represents the most significant transformation of the American health care system since Medicare and                                    Medicaid. It will fundamentally change nearly every aspect of health care, from insurance to the final delivery of care. .....
   5/25/11  Feds tell doctors and hospitals how to treat patients or else
                        Would you like the government to tell your doctor how to take care of you? That possibility is not as remote as you may think....
   5/17/11  Medicare's deteriorating financial condition
                        The just released 2011 Medicare trustees report does not contain any big surprises. Much of what the trustees say in this report                            they have said before: Medicare poses enormous challenges for patients and taxpayers alike, and its financial condition continues                         a downward slide.
   5/15/11  Over half of all Obamacare waivers given to union members
                       In what is fast becoming a weekly event, the Obama administration granted 200 more companies from the Democrats’ sweeping                           health care law in the Friday night news dump. That brings the number of comapines receiving waivers to 1,372.
   5/6/11    Repeal and Replace: 10 Necessary Changes
                    There are 10 structural flaws in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Each is so potentially damaging, Congress will have to resort to major                     corrective action even if the critics of the ACA are not involved. Further, each must be addressed in any new attempt to create                                workable health care reform......
   4/29/11  The Case Against President Obama's Health Care Reform: A Primer for Nonlawyers (Cato Institute)
   4/20/11  The road to IPAB
                    Why does Obama need specifics when he has the Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB? If spending on health care is the                     biggest driver of government spending, then IPAB is Obama’s most important deficit-reduction initiative. It is a panel of 15                                        presidentially appointed experts. They will have more power over Medicare than the average member of Congress, whose only                            credential — embarrassingly enough — is being a duly elected representative of the people under the Constitution of the United                            States.
   4/19/11  The President's Medicare Plan: a Trojan horse to ration health care?
   4/6/11    Obama's head of Medicare and Medicaid again flaunts his ruling-class arrogance
   3/17/11  Heritage Fdn.:  Obamacare and the fight to preserve America's founding principles
   3/11/11 $105 billion in funding hidden in Obamacare