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About Us
     This section gives you an overview of who we are and what our basic goals are. If you've never heard of us before, this is a great place to start. In this section, we give you a little more in depth idea of our mission; we want to educate, inform, inspire, and ultimately affect change.
This section also lays out the 9 principles and the 12 Values of the 9-12 Project that we have adopted as our own.

Meetings and Events Calendar
    From meetings to planned protests, rallies, and other events, you can find the information here on our calendar. We make every effort to post all the important information you'll need in a timely manner. In addition, you will find summaries of past meetings with pertinent information (handouts, links, etc.) on the topics discussed.

Be Active
    This section can be the most overwhelming. We try to distill it down to the basic issue, pros & cons, the net effect on you, and our recommended action. In addition, we will always provide the contact information for the elected official or officials you need to contact if you decide to take action on a particular item. There are many items constantly coming down, and the legislature's intent is to overwhelm you so that you just "check out" and don't take action. We ask again that you find one or two issues you're passionate about, and only take action on those if you're overwhelmed on the sheer number of issues that are available.

Educate Yourself
   Information on our Constitution Study Group is here as well as a long list of suggested books to tempt you.

Stay Informed - Links
    There is so much information out there on the internet!  We list lots of links to websites that are conservative, liberal and in between.  In addition, on the pages for each issue there are links to even more websites and videos.  Only if we are informed from all sides of issues can we discuss issues and make sensible and educated decisions regarding the future of our country.

      This is an ever-changing and expanding category.  Check here every day for updates - new articles, videos, informational links. 

    Video clips, Pictures, and other media-type items are found here.

Contact Us
    This tab provides the contact information for the North Bay Patriots. You'll find the names and email addresses of the leadership board, the location for our meetings, and a link to our facebook page.

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