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          We are a non-partisan, grassroots political movement focused on re-establishing dedication to our Constitution
         as the guiding document for Federal, State, and Local government policy.

If You Think....

     ...that government control has become intrusive and abusive
...that our taxes are oppressive
                                             ...that our massive federal and state debt is unsustainable
                                                      ...that there is rampant corruption and waste in our government

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Founder's Quotes
"The most perfect freedom consists in obeying the dictates of right reason, and submitting to natural law. When a man goes beyond or contrary to the law of nature and reason, he becomes the slave of base passions and vile lusts; he introduces confusion and disorder into society, and brings misery and destruction upon himself. This, therefore, cannot be called a state of freedom, but a state of the vilest slavery and the most dreadful bondage." --Samuel West (1776)

President James Buchanan (1791-1868): "Our present financial condition is without a parallel in history. ... This almost necessarily gives birth to extravagant legislation. It produces wild schemes of expenditure and begets a race of speculators and jobbers, whose ingenuity is exerted in contriving and promoting expedients to obtain public money. The purity of official agents, whether rightfully or wrongfully, is suspected, and the character of the government suffers in the estimation of the people."

 Our Next Meeting

There will not be a meeting in May

Welcome the
“Give Me Liberty” Bus Tour
to Sonoma County

Wednesday, April 16th
6:00 to 9:00 pm

Veterans Hall, 8505 Park Avenue, Cotati

Potluck BBQ & Tour Event hosted by North Bay Patriots

Please RSVP here so we can get an idea of how many will attend
(don't want to run out of hot dogs and burgers!)

• Listen to speakers who will motivate us to work for positive change
locally and nationally

• Meet conservative candidates for state and local offices

• Volunteer to help the candidate of your choice to move our county, state and
nation back towards freedom and prosperity

• Meet and socialize with like-minded people in our community

Invited Candidates
*Matt Heath, Candidate for State Assembly 2nd District
*Lawrence Wiesner, Candidate for State Senate
*Charlie Schaupp, Candidate for State Assembly 4th District
*Gregory Allen, Candidate for State Assembly 10th District

Invited Speakers

Tim Donnelly - CA Assemblyman and Republican Candidate for Governor
Brad Dacus- Pacific Justice Institute
*Eric Golub - The Tygrrrr Express
Sam Paredes - Gun Owners of California
Eric Eisenhammer - Coalition of Energy Users
Jon Coupal - Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
*Bonnie McAdams - American Ideals
*Stuart Dodge - NorCal Tea Party, Convention of States
*confirmed speakers

Join Us and Make a Real Difference!

What is this tour about? Launching at the 6th Annual Tax Day Rally at the State Capitol on April 15th, the “Give Me Liberty” Bus Tour will travel from Sacramento to San Diego in 12 days with 16 stops. The goals of the tour are simple: Get out the vote for conservative candidates in the primary election. Know who they are and where they stand on issues.  Connect conservative candidates with volunteers.


Decorate your car and meet us at 4 pm in the parking lot at the Vets Hall in Cotati to join the "Give Me Liberty" bus as we caravan through Sonoma County from 4 - 6 pm to let everyone know we are alive, active and ready to fight!
If you can't make it at 4 pm, meet us at the Flamingo Hotel at 5 pm to join the caravan.

Last Meeting
Thursday, April 3rd, 2014
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Veterans Hall
8505 Park Avenue, Cotati

Dana Allen
Co-founder, Newsmax

Geoff Metcalf
Executive VP/Director of News, AUN-TV
Former KSFO Talk Show Host

We value your opinion:
How did you like our last meeting?


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