Welcome to the Online Home of the North Bay Patriots
          We are a non-partisan, grassroots political movement focused on re-establishing dedication to our Constitution
         as the guiding document for Federal, State, and Local government policy.

If You Think....

     ...that government control has become intrusive and abusive
...that our taxes are oppressive
               ...that our massive federal and state debt is unsustainable
                                                             ...that there is rampant corruption and waste in our government

                                      Join Us!

Founder's Quote

President James Buchanan (1791-1868): "Our present financial condition is without a parallel in history. ... This almost necessarily gives birth to extravagant legislation. It produces wild schemes of expenditure and begets a race of speculators and jobbers, whose ingenuity is exerted in contriving and promoting expedients to obtain public money. The purity of official agents, whether rightfully or wrongfully, is suspected, and the character of the government suffers in the estimation of the people."


North Bay Patriots Monthly Meeting

Patriot Day Thursday Sept 11th

7:00 to 9:00 pm
Veterans Hall, 8505 Park Avenue, Cotati

Government belongs to those who show up. Your participation is needed!

Election Integrity Project, Inc.

“Every Lawfully Cast Vote Accurately Counted”

Featured Speaker, Colleen Britton

 The Election Integrity project is a non-partisan grassroots organization comprised of citizen volunteers – citizens who are fulfilling their duty under the Declaration of independence and The Constitution of the United Sates to responsibly participate in the governance of this exceptional Republic. You can help. Learn how.

 EIP wants very much to build a team in Sonoma.  We stand ready to provide expert training and support to that team.  We know this is critical to the integrity of Sonoma's election process."

 "What I really hope to get from North Bay Patriots is a few volunteers who will step up to become a leadership team in Sonoma County.  A County Coordinator and support team, trained by EIP and working in accordance with EIP's policies and procedures, is critical to successful observations in each county.” – Colleen Britton  ​


Announcements and Calls to Action

The final portion of our meeting will be discussion between members, current events, announcements, volunteer opportunities and North Bay Patriots updates. We will present opportunities for members to get involved in important and enjoyable activities which will help restore our country and community.

Board Selection Updates, Common Core Overpass, Common Core Panel Discussion at Hanna Boys Center, Support Our Troops Weekly Rally, Super Saturday’s Precincts Walk, Candidate Meet & Greet, Veteran’s Day Parade, Citizen Sonoma Website, NBP Facebook, and more.

October Meeting – Illegal Immigration, “They Come To America”

November Meeting – Common Core Panel at Hanna Boys Center

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